No Gloves No Steroids

Anthony "Willy Mo" Stelmach

Anthony Stelmach came upon the Atlantics in the summer of 2004, and decided it was time he started playing ball again. He had played base ball through high school, usually at the shortstop position. He has been playing first base, second base, and the outfield for Atlantic. It took a while to find an appropriate nickname, but his speed on the bases finally helped formulate one, and he quickly became known as "Willy Mo".

One of his most memorable moments was playing at the Yankees' minor league stadium in Staten Island, Ballpark at St.George. He enjoyed playing in a professional stadium, and getting five hits in the game capped off the fun. "Willy Mo"  remarkably remembers every one of his stolen bases. When he's not playing base ball, " Mo" likes to toot his own horn, so to speak. He is a master tuba player, and teaches music for a living.

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