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The Atlantic Base Ball Club, of Brooklyn, was organized August 14,1855. "From the day of it's entrance upon the base ball field, it has occupied and filled a front rank position as a crack playing club... the Atlantics have always and at all times had a nine from which any rival club might most despair of winning any lasting laurels." -from "American Pastimes" published in 1866. The 1856 season was the first full one for the Atlantics, playing on the Capitoline Grounds in Brooklyn.
In 1857, Atlantic finished in first place, 5-0 in match play against the principle clubs. A match consisted of winning 2 of 3 games from an opponent. Prior to the 1858 season the National Association of Base Ball Players was formed by 16 clubs, all of which were located on Manhattan or Long Island. This included the Atlantics. The Atlantic repeated as first place finishers in 1858, 5-1 match record, and again in 1859, 6-1.
Atlantic was undefeated in 1864, winning 19 games, and was recognized as National Champions. Atlantic, upon a challenge from the Young Canadian Club of Woodstock, Canada, Country Champions, traveled to Rochester and beat the Young Canadians, 75-11. In January 1865, Atlantic played Gotham a series on ice skates for a silver ball, winning 2 of the 3 games. Atlantic again went undefeated in 1865, winning all 23 games and was declared National Champions. Undefeated since 1863, they lost their second game in 1866. Atlantic remained champions for 1866. In 1868, Atlantic embarked on an extensive western trip, winning 16 of 17 games, but finished second for the year.
The 1869 year ended up with the Atlantics again the winning team. On Tuesday, June 14, 1870, the Cincinnati Red Stockings, base ball's first all professional team, had their two year winning streak ended by the Atlantics at the Capitoline Grounds in Brooklyn. In what was called the finest game ever played Atlantic defeated Cincinnati 8-7 in 11 innings.
In 1872, Atlantic joined the National Association, the first professional league, along with the Athletics, Eckford, Boston Red Stockings, Olympics of Washington, Mutuals of New York, Haymakers of Troy, Forest City of Cleveland, Mansfields of Middletown Conn., Lord Baltimores of Maryland, and the Nationals of Washington. They played until 1876 when they failed to play all their road games due to financial problems. In the late summer of 1880, the Metropolitans of New York were formed. Atlantic was still playing through the 1881 season, and played the Mets, as they were called, in the Eastern Championship Association.
Atlantic Past

  • The Atlantic Base Ball Club, known as the Brooklyn Atlantics, was organized on August 14, 1855.
  • The Atlantics were named for Atlantic Avenue, one of Brooklyn's major thoroughfares.
  • Atlantic played its home games on the Capitoline Grounds in Brooklyn, in the Bedford section, in an area between Putnam Ave, Marcy Ave, Nostrand Ave, and Halsey St.
  • Their nickname was 'The Bedford Boys', for the section of Brooklyn where they played.
  • The Atlantic club played into the 1880's. Sports Illustrated magazine traced the lineage of the present-day Dodgers back to the Atlantics.
  • The Atlantics were one of the premier teams of their era. In 1864, they went undefeated, going 19-0, and were recognized as National Champions. They continued as National Champions in 1865, going 23-0, undefeated for a second consecutive year.
  • Atlantic was one of the 16 clubs, all from Manhattan and Long Island, that were members of the National Association of Base Ball Players, formed prior to the 1858 season.
  • Atlantic joined the National Association in 1872, the first professional league.

Lineage of the Atlantic Base Ball Club*
by Sports Illustrated

1855-1884Brooklyn Atlantics
1885-1887Brooklyn Grays
1888-1890Brooklyn Bridegrooms
1891-1895Brooklyn Grooms
1896-1898Brooklyn Bridegrooms
1899-1910Brooklyn Superbas
1911-1912Brooklyn Dodgers
1913Brooklyn Superbas
1914-1931Brooklyn Robins
1932-1956Brooklyn Dodgers
1957-PresentLos Angeles Dodgers

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