No Gloves No Steroids
George "Wild Horse" Ferchland
George "Wildhorse" Ferchland began playing         vintage baseball in '92, to face the challenge of catching without a glove, and to see and learn the differences in the rules.  He found  himself playing with and against friendly people, where cursing and  fighting were not tolerated, where ballists came to play hard, not argue  or fight.  George was first called "Death to Flying Things" because he caught everything that was hit to him, but after  his teammates saw his aggressive base-running and playing style, they  likened his reckless abandon to that
of a wild horse, and he became  known as "Wildhorse".  Wildhorse has played at many levels of baseball and softball but prefers Vintage Base Ball the most. His athletic versatility and willingness to play any position are a great asset to the Atlantics.   By day, George works for the Metropolitan Transportation Authority as a Subway Car Inspector.  Due to his time limits, "Wildhorse" isn't  able to play on a full-time basis for the Atlantic's, but plays whenever he can.  With whatever time is left, George is still making vintage base balls by hand for the Atlantics.

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