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The Rules of Base Ball - Posers

1.It's a sunny July day in 1884. It's the top of the 9th, home team in the lead by 1, bases loaded and 1 out, 2 ball, 2 strike count. The batter swings and misses, the catcher drops the ball. The catcher picks up the ball, steps on home, and throws to the 1st baseman, who catches the throw, steps on first, and starts heading for the bench. Side out? Game over? What's the proper call?
2.The same question as Poser #1, except it's a partly sunny June day in 1887.
3.The same question again, but now it's a partly cloudy August day in 1891.
4.It's July, 1861, and it's the top of the 5th inning, the B-team at bat. Barry is on 3rd, Bill is on 2nd, Brad is on 1st, and there is 1 out. Bruce hits a one-hop smash to the 3rd baseman, who catches it, steps on 3rd and throws to 1st. Side out?
5.Game 2 that same July 1861 day, C-team up, top of the 7th inning. Claude on 3rd, Chuck on 2nd, Chris on 1st, and there is 1 out. Chester hits a hard grounder, a fair ball, to the 1st baseman, who picks it up, steps on 1st and throws home to the catcher, who catches the ball, steps on home, rolls the ball toward the pitcher and heads for the bench. Side out?
6.Same question as Poser #5, but it is a humid August day in 1847. Side out?
7.June, 1864, D-team at bat, top of the 4th inning. Don is on 3rd, Dave is on 2nd, Del is on 1st, 1 out. Doug lifts a little pop-up just in front of the plate. The pitcher comes in, calls the ball, and at the last second grabs his hat and catches the ball in his hat. He takes the ball out, steps on home, turns and fires to 3rd, where the 3rd baseman steps on 3rd. Side out?
8.August, 1873, a beautiful base ball day. The E-team is batting in the top of the 2nd inning. Edward is on 2nd base, Ernie is on 1st, 2 outs. Earl hits a slow grounder to the shortstop, who picks up the ball, and throws it wildly over the 1st baseman's head. He chases it down but a fan picks it up and flips it to him. As the runners were running on the pitch, Edward was about to touch home plate, and Ernie was rounding 3rd, and Earl was approaching 2nd. The 1st baseman runs back with the ball, and seeing Ernie still running, throws home to get him out by about 3 feet. Earl, meanwhile, never stopped running and continued to 3rd. Side out? How many runs score? And what about Ernie?
9.September, 1891, cloudy day. The F-team is up, bottom of the 9th inning in a tie game, Frank is on 3rd, 2 out. Floyd hits a little pop-up between home and 3rd, no one can get to it, as it lands just inside the foul line, then spins and rolls foul, where the 3rd baseman grabs it. Frank was running with 2 outs and crossed home, while Floyd had run to 1st. What's the call?
The Rules of Base Ball Questions written by Ed Elmore

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