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The Rules of Base Ball - True or False

1.The game was always played with 9 players per side.True / False
2.The pitching distance for the underhand game was always set at 45 feet.True / False
3.The distance from home to first was always 90 feet.True / False
4.Runners were always allowed to tag up on a caught fair fly ball.True / False
5.Strikes were not a part of the game until 1858.True / False
6.If the runner(striker) stopped running to first base, the umpire could, and should, call him out.True / False
7.Bats always had to be completely round.True / False
8.In the 1800's, there was always only one umpire, according to the rules.True / False
9.Before 1876, runners could be put out returning to their base on a foul ball.True / False
10.According to the rules, one player can be substituted for another player at any time, as long as the player substituted for does not re-enter the game.True / False
The Rules of Base Ball Questions written by Ed Elmore

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