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The Rules of Base Ball - Fill in the Year

In what year did this first occur...Year
1.When did they first allow overhand pitching?
2.When did they start calling strikes?
3.When did they start calling balls?
4.Was it always 3 strikes for an out?
5.When did it change to 4 balls for a walk?
6.When did they start calling all pitches?
7.When did they stop allowing bound outs?
8.When did home plate become 5-sided? a square?
9.When did the base ball become the size it is today?
10.When did the pitching distance become 60 feet 6 inches?
11.When did they start using a batter's box?
12.When did all foul balls start being counted as strikes?
13.When did they start allowing the runner to overrun first base?
14.When did the infield fly rule come into existence?
15.When did a ball have to pass 1st or 3rd base fair to be a fair ball?
16.When did a batter hit by a pitch get awarded 1st base?
17.When were runners allowed to return to their bases on a foul ball without risk of being put out?
18.When did the catchers start wearing gloves?
19.When did the fielders start wearing gloves?
20.When did the length of a bat become limited to 42 inches?
21.When did the 9-inning game first become instituted?
22.When was the choice of innings (up first or last) given to the captain of the home team?
23.When was the batting order changed so that the lead-off batter after the first inning was the batter who followed the last batter who had a full turn at bat?
The Rules of Base Ball Questions written by Ed Elmore

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