No Gloves No Steroids

Vinny "Tuna" Aurora

Vinny "Tuna" Aurora was a late season call-up for the Atlantics in 2007. After impressing everyone with his 'team-first' attitude and ability to get good seats at Shea Stadium, he was invited to join the team full-time. He is always willing to play wherever the team needs him most, although he does his best defensive work behind the plate. While "Tuna" loves the fast paced nature of catching a vintage game, the camaraderie he feels with his teammates is what keeps him coming back every weekend.

His favorite Atlantic memories are using the 'Slip 'N Slide' in Roxbury, and attempting to catch a throw from the outfield with his face during the Rochester tournament. Ironically, it was in that same tournament that "Tuna" had his best weekend as an Atlantic, making many fine plays on bound outs to help the club reach the championship match. During the week he trains future Atlantics as a physical education teacher.

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