No Gloves No Steroids
Jim "Trotter" Dragonetti
Jim "Trotter" Dragonetti is an original founder of the team. "Trotter," who is fleet of foot, is aptly named after a ballplayer whose nickname was "Little Globetrotter." He played shortstop for Atlantic, and did an outstanding job, as evidenced by his most memorable time playing-at the 1997 Sylvania Cup when nary a batted ball went through his side of the infield the entire tournament. "Trotter" then willingly changed his position when the team was in need of a pitcher, and then again for the best of the team, moved to centerfield when they were short of outfielders. As always, he played admirably. As a hitter, "Trotter" can either lead off to get on base and use his speed as a runner, or bat down in the order and be a power hitter, as shown by his grand slam home run in PA. "Trotter" has been playing vintage base ball since 1995, and his take-charge, tell it like it is attitude is quite an asset to the team. Jim is a teacher by trade, and formerly served as the VBBA Rules Committee Chairman.

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