No Gloves No Steroids
Richard "Tree" Ness
Richard Ness started attending Atlantic games when his favorite Atlantic, "Toothpick", started playing with the team in 2001.  Rich wanted to spend some quality time with his _____ _____ son.  He drove to all the games, happily providing a ride for less fortunate Atlantics, always managed to stay awake for the entire game, and had an incredible sense of humor.  One day he was asked to fill in as a player, and the rest is history.  Although his favorite positions are sitting, standing, or prone, he can hold his own on the mound, second base, or in the outfield.  Some say they have seen him!  He says he was nicknamed "Tree" because he digs hangin in the shade. This must be true, he is certainly a shady character.  As for his most memorable moment, he lists his birth just ahead of the enjoyment of getting more hits in a game than his son.  His ability at base ball comes from his claim of having played for the NY Yankees from 1974 to 1981.  He says he most enjoys all the fun activities that follow a victory.  Use your own imagination!  Weekdays you can find him surveying!

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