No Gloves No Steroids
Sean "Toothpick" Ness
Sean 'Toothpick' Ness joined the Atlantics in the summer of 2001 because he enjoyed the challenge of fielding without a glove and hitting with a wooden bat. Seeing him swing skinny 29" bats, almost as skinny as he was, someone remarked that they looked like toothpicks, and "Toothpick" was born. A highly talented player, "Toothpick" is able to beat an opponent with both his defense and his bat. His speed is utilized by Atlantic in centerfield, and his moxie gives the Atlantics a solid overhand catcher. "Toothpick's" favorite vintage memory is the 2004 Ohio trip, when every Atlantic made at least one spectacular play, and just about everything else went right all weekend. In a game his first year, "Toothpick" lost hands his first three at bats, and then hit safely 6 straight times, including the game-winning hit in the bottom of the ninth. His talent was developed through eight years in little league. Sean has a bachelor's degree in sports management through St. John's University, and is currently working as a surveyor alongside his father, 'Tree.'

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