No Gloves No Steroids
Anthony "TC" Cannino
Anthony 'TC' Cannino played his first game in 2000, but had long been familiar with the vintage game through his uncle 'Pigtail.' He may have started out as "that long-haired kid in right field," but he quickly became of the most dominant outfielders in base ball. TC has thwarted countless rallies with his breathtaking defensive play, and has turned left field into the area that other teams try not to hit the ball to. When some unsuspecting striker does attempt to send a ball over his head, TC will stop at nothing to catch it. He has been known to hurdle fences, dive into bushes, or run into parked cars in dogged pursuit of the ball. Aside from his fielding prowess, he has become a dangerous hitter, and often terrifies opponents and teammates alike with his aggressive base running. Aside from his teammates uncle 'Pigtail' and cousin 'Krawler'; TC has also played games with his brother 'Cannon,' his cousin 'MC,' and an as-yet un-nicknamed uncle. Anthony developed his approach to the game through a few years of little league and a lifetime of baseball video games. TC is a Katherine Gibbs graduate, and currently works in the insurance business.

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