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Rafael "Wickets" Garcia

Rafael 'Wickets' Garcia joined the Atlantics as a full-time player in 2016, but he has been a friend of the Atlantics for many years, filling in several times throughout the years. 'Wickets' was a member of the New York Gothams for 14 years before deciding to play closer to his home with his many close friends on the Atlantics. He played high school baseball, played Division III baseball at SUNY Brockport, and also enjoys softball, volleyball, bowling, basketball, and auto racing.

In his first vintage game, two grounders found their way through his legs, and the nickname 'Wickets' was born. 'Wickets' is a competent infielder, and has played all positions, including pitching a few games for Atlantic. He recalls fondly playing in Washington, D.C. with the Washington Memorial as a backdrop, and has enjoyed playing in historical Gettysburg. Rafael is an infrastructure manager, designing and deploying IT Solutions.

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