No Gloves No Steroids

Alfred "Caboose" Gangemi

Alfred 'Caboose' Gangemi started playing vintage base ball over a decade ago with his friend Flash at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. As a mercenary Caboose played for many teams over the years but first put on the Atlantics uniform in the Spring of 2015 and started his rookie Atlantic season in the Summer of 2016. Caboose has always enjoyed the the game of baseball and the skill and strategy involved. Playing with other talented and devoted players on the Atlantics brings out the excitement and enjoyment of teamwork.

Caboose played little league and softball for many years but now plays catcher and occasionally second base for the Atlantics. He is looking forward to expanding his repetoire to pitching and first base this year. His favorite play took place at Old Bethpage Village Restoration. While he was catching with a runner on third base, the batter hit the ball to the outfield and it was returned from whence it came on a one bounce throw from the outfield to cut down a sliding runner at home plate.

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