No Gloves No Steroids
Ed "Pigtail" Elmore
Ed "Pigtail" Elmore is one of the founders of this Atlantic team. Along with Jim "Trotter" Dragonetti and Al "Old Dutch" Dieckmann, Ed sought to re-create the original 19th century Brooklyn Atlantics as an independent team to travel near and far to play other vintage teams. Ed has been playing vintage base ball since 1992, when he was an original member of the Freeport Athletics, the first organized vintage team in New York. He was given the nickname "Pigtail" in honor of William "Pigtail Billy" Riley, a ballist from the 1870's. "Pigtail" has served as field captain since the team's inception in 1997. He can play wherever needed, and often serves in the role of umpire. Ed has extensively researched 19th century base ball rules, and has co-written a book with Jim on the interpretation of the 19th century rules. Ed has been a Trustee of the VBBA Executive Board, a member of the VBBA Rules Committee, and a member of SABR. He has given a presentation on 19th Century Base Ball Rules for the New England and Atlantic States Vintage Base Ball Conference at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, has led various local presentations on vintage base ball, and has led workshops on The Role Of The Umpire at VBBA Conventions. Pigtail currently leads the team in number of relatives who have played for Atlantic with 6 - current Atlantic TC, and The Cannon, Black Ice, Special K, Smooth, and MC. Softball phenom Quick Money K also hopes to play for Atlantic some day soon.

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