No Gloves No Steroids
Marc "Nice & Easy" Josloff
Meet "Nice & Easy," the artist formally known as Marc Josloff. "Nice & Easy" joined the Atlantics over the winter of '99. He had been playing vintage base ball for five years with the Freeport Athletics, another club with the namesake of a 19th century base ball team. He says he "joined the Atlantics because it was too far to commute to the Pacific." This is not the first time he has been given the moniker "Nice & Easy,” but this time it probably best describes Marc's easy-going approach to the game… all the better to lull a runner off the base and catch him nappin' with a quick toss from the mound. Marc plays 2nd base and pitches for the Atlantics. Note though, that while pitching, he is most content, having the opportunity to frustrate the opponent's offense.
Once, whilst playing second base for the Atlantic at Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Park, in a match against the Rough Riders on a field sprinkled with boulders, bullet shells, and dried horse droppings, "Nice & Easy" attempted the hidden ball trick, only to discover the round object was not the ball. It made for one ornery Rough Rider. Other than Little League, "Nice & Easy's" chief experience with baseball had been in his “easy" chair. Then one day, he left his chair to join the Athletics, and eventually, the Atlantics, and history has been re-made. More recently, “Easy” has been petitioning to have his chair installed between first and second base.
A surviving junior high school art teacher of the NYC public schools, "Nice & Easy" is now surviving advancing years by defying them, as he continues, at 65, to get dirty playing the great national pastime while on tour and at our home grounds as part of the Atlantic nine.
When he’s not playing ball, "Easy" is usually busy carving out his niche as an exhibiting fine artist (www.josloffart) and as president of the Freeport Community Concert Association. He has used his considerable talents to design a wonderful set of vintage base ball cards featuring each Atlantic. His wife Sara has skillfully tolerated him for 38 years and they have raised two fine adults (who started out as children), Rachel and Paul Josloff, both teachers.

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