No Gloves No Steroids
Mike "Mickey The Lip" Tangel
Michael Tangel claims he chose his nickname to honor Lipman Pike, a famous ballist from the 1870's, but anyone who knows Mike, or has heard him, knows that there is no other nickname that would do him justice.  "Mickey The Lip" is the perfect match.  "Lip" has been involved in vintage base ball for many years, playing on several teams, umpiring games (there is no umpire like him!), and has been the captain of the Huntington Suffolks BBC since their inception.  When the Atlantics were being formed in 1998, "Lip" knew he had to be a part of it.  Over the years, "Lip" has invented new ways of playing positions in the field - rightfield (like a football ref signaling a touchdown), first base (like a soccer goalie blocking a shot), second base (going an entire game without bending over once), and even pitcher (throwing barbs faster than the ball).  "Lip's" mouth runs fast, his body runs half-fast!  He is adept at the fair/foul hit, and always manages to put the ball in play.  One of his most memorable moments was playing in the Sylvania Cup in Ohio in 1998.  Somewhere in his busy "retired" school teacher schedule, Mike has found time to ski, work at the Smithtown Historic Society giving tours to 4th graders and senior citizen groups, perform 'Mickey's Educational Traveling Base Ball Show' in schools and libraries, and going to as many Mets, Ducks, Jets and Islanders games as humanly possible..  He is also a member of everything - SABR,  New York Historical Society, USSSA Umpire Association, Smithtown Historical Society, Suffolks Sports Hall of Fame, Babe Ruth Museum in Baltimore, The Yogi Berra Museum and Education Center, the Canadian Baseball Hall of Fame.

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