No Gloves No Steroids
Frank "Hammy" Obidienzo
In August 2000, Frank "Hammy" Obidienzo overheard a conversation about the Ohio and Canada trips, and politely asked "Pigtail" how one went about joining a vintage travel  team. He said "We're playing next weekend in Pennsylvania,  wanna go?" Frank quickly replied "Sure!", and that  was that. Hammy was playing for the Atlantics, the designated  "rookie" for that weekend. His initiation included the  "bronzed salmon" at a dinner at the Iron Hill Brewery in West Chester PA.
After that, he politely asked if he could play again, and was told of course, he was expected to play now,  he was an Atlantic, unanimously. "Hammy" played in  softball leagues in Brooklyn and Queens, but hadn't played any ball  since 1984. You couldn't tell from seeing him play. His ability allows him to play almost anywhere on the field. And, he has absolutely no ego. Frank earned his nickname by pulling both hamstrings while playing in a game. His girlfriend's son is credited with giving him the label "Hammy". He  works as a Communications Technician for the F.D.N.Y. "Hammy" has stepped forward as a leader, becoming a captain of the team, and handling much of the "dirty work", scheduling of games, and numerous other duties.

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