No Gloves No Steroids

George "Blackjack" Pappas

George first played with the Atlantics in 2010 when his friend Dreambucket brought him along to fill in a few times when Atlantic was short of players. His skills at fielding bare-handed and hitting, combined with his immediately obvious vintage attitude, led to him being invited to be an official member of the team for the 2011 season. Becoming the 21st player on the roster, he was dubbed "Blackjack". Blackjack had previously only played softball, but easily made the transition to the vintage base ball game. Blackjack is a carpenter by trade to support his family, and has quickly become a respected member of the Atlantic family.

He hopes to become the next greatest player of the ABBC franchise - being an accomplished hitter, using his speed on the bases to score his aces, and being versatile on defense, able to play anywhere on the field. He has also pitched and won several games already, claiming to have gone to camp with someone called Cy Young. Blackjack counts his first game as an official Atlantic, the season opener against the Elizabeth Resolutes, as his most memorable moment, "feeling deep down inside that (he) had just acquired a new family of brothers." Playing in his first tournament in Gettysburg, he was in centerfield in the first inning in the first game and made a one-handed catch on a ball driven deep and hard, and the cheers he heard from his teammates felt great, and made him proud to be part of the Atlantics.

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